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Hi and thanks for buying from All Creatures Gift Shop.

When websites have sales or offer buyers coupon codes, the money you save comes out of that company’s profits.

Since all our profits go to Save Animals that means, if we have a sale or give you a discount, the money you save is money that does NOT HELP SAVE ANIMALS.

So we don’t do sales.

We also don’t pay ourselves!

We’re an all volunteer site. We have no overhead: no payroll, each volunteer donates their home office space and supplies, use of their computer, paper, ink, whatever. There are no hosting fees for this website as those fees are paid by a sponsor. So the profits from sales at All Creatures Gift Shop really do go directly to the animals.

Since helping Save Animals is the reason you’re here, I’m sure you agree that it’s better to save a few animals than to save a few bucks — and you’ll buy from us anyway. :-)

We thank you. And all the animals we can rescue because of your purchase thank you too. Chris

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