How does my Wish List work?


When you find products that you love and want but can’t purchase immediately, you may add them to your Wishlist and this web site will automatically keep track of them for you.

To do this, first you must be a Registered Customer. The reason for that is so the site will know what customer it is who wants those products. When you are logged in, your Wishlist will always show. If you forget to log in, it won’t … just so you know. :-)

Your Wishlist saves items when you leave our store which makes them easy to relocate and purchase any time you want them. And they will remain on your Wishlist until you buy them or until you remove them from the list.

To put an item onto your Wishlist, make sure you are logged in and then click the Add to Wishlist button at the bottom of the product’s page. That puts the product on your Wishlist and takes you there. To continue shopping after viewing your Wishlist, simply click the Continue Shopping button.

To purchase a product which is already on your Wishlist, login, go to your Wishlist and add that item to your cart.

Happy Shopping. Profits to the Animals!