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All Creatures Gift Shop is the fulfillment of a dream I’ve had for many years — to officially help the animals. All Creatures is run by volunteers. Website costs are covered by a generous Sponsor so profits can go where we want them … to help animals.


The next question I’m sure you’re thinking is: “Are you a 501(c)3 charitable organization?” No. Just like The Animal Rescue Site we are a for profit store. They say on their Common Questions page: Is The Animal Rescue Site a nonprofit organization? And then they answer: The Animal Rescue Site is not a nonprofit organization and cannot accept financial donations directly.

I have also chosen not to be a charity. Why, you ask. Well, for one thing, it’s very expensive in overhead, CPAs and the like to properly keep up that tax status. But more importantly, it’s not necessary.

The Animal Rescue Site’s donating the ad revenues they get to animals and keeping the profits for themselves. I decided that in this current economic climate, where ad money is much more scarce than it was when they started, to simply badger my friends … ah, excuse me, beg my friends, LOL, to help run the site and to donate products — and then I could take the net profits and help critters.

This business plan will work great … if you buy things!


We’re offering amazing products for you to purchase; most with an animal theme. All Creatures Gift Shop carries items that are donated by the companies or artists who create them. Animals, Nature and Sayings on T-shirts. Magnificent porcelain tiles, including beautiful tile murals for your kitchen or bathroom, which are kiln fired with fabulous art designs.

The profits go directly to the issue closest to my heart! Saving animals.


My name is Chris. My sister and I have been rescuing critters all our lives … taught by our wonderful mother to treasure all creatures and since baby-hood learning how to care for those unfortunate animals who don’t have “slave humans” of their own to care for them. Now, finally, we have this platform to raise money so we can help more critters than just those who find their way into our lives.

There are many fine animal organizations but most of them rehabilitate and adopt out the animals which they have and must “put to sleep” those who can’t be adopted. We specialize in critters that are unadoptable; those too hurt or feral or sick to ever find “forever homes.”

For years, we’ve taken in the lost, the hurt, and the terrified. We give them that forever home they dream of … where they can live out their lives in happiness and safety in our loving care.


Now we can expand our mission.  With your help — and the profits from All Creatures Gift Shop — we can not only continue the work we’ve been doing but we can now fund other animal organizations who are desperate for help in this economy.

We also intend to create the “Battered Womens Animal Shelter Fund” which will make money available to women running from abuse so they can take their animals with them.  Right now, as far as I know, there is no way to escape with your animals. You can take your kids, but not their pets! When are the kids gonna need their pets the most? Going through that kind of trauma! What’s the matter with this world? This makes no sense to me … so I want to do something.


How can you help if you want?

Well, buy things! ROFLMAO. You can also help for free. We have a Facebook Page where we announce new products, post Animal Events and News, and use instead of bugging you with Newsletters in your In Box! If you “Like” us at Facebook we’d be very grateful and you’d help animals at the same time.

If you click “Like” buttons for either the homepage or a product page that helps to spread the word to other animal lovers that we have great products, terrific Customer Service, and that our profits go to care for the animals.

I’m also Tweeting. You can follow animal news and T-shirt releases @allcreaturegift. Please RETWEET. That makes a HUGE difference to spreading the word. Thank you so much!

If you want to volunteer to help us in other ways, please send me a HelpDesk ticket. Just click this link — All Creatures HelpDesk. I’d be happy to answer your questions about our products or our future plans. Thank you.

Profits to the Animals! Please join us. I’d love to get to know you! Chris